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The other me
We are not all the same, we are unique.
In the universe, every human being lives by invisible bonds, founded on his own being.
The fusion of breath and heartbeat, color and gender, religion and sexual orientation is essential for our existence.
Without all this, the universe would not be the same.

Hokkaido was born from a virtual journey to Japan. In one night I explore this beautiful country full of colors and mountains and I compose a song that can take you there.

Oceano comes from the soul. The soul of the ocean, a mysterious place, never explored in depth and which, going further and further down, represents our soul.

To life is a hymn to life, a song whose themes are the joy and beauty of living. I wanted to tell a story, projected on a screen called earth; listening to it you will travel through your own existence, with a well-known warning: no one should ever oppress or annihilate your lives. To life is a wish for rebirth, a new spring for everyone.

Kiev We are experiencing a terrible tragedy, an unprecedented flight of people.
But what hurts the most is to see women and children flee, towards an uncertain future, leaving fathers and husbands to fight.
The message contained in KIEV is addressed to all condemnable wars, not only to the one being fought in Ukraine.
We want to give a voice to those who have no voice, we want to shout out loud to put down their weapons.
We wish to thank Father Roman Demush and all those who, together with him, support the Ukrainian population in difficulty.
The proceeds from the downloads will be donated to the community of Father Roman Demush.

Miraggio Andaluso is a dream journey through “Passion”, the driving feeling of life. It makes us rejoice and sometimes cry, it leads us to move forward but also to stop. Passion is an indispensable component for every human being and decisive in every success: it excites us, pushes us to desire new things, makes us daydream. Proposinf this new piece, I invite you to put passion as the foundation of existence. I do not deny that, of course, you will be your most vulnerable, but on the other hand, your every dream will come true.

This song was born to celebrate love: timeless, without social distinctions, without limits.
The feeling that moves everything and to which every being surrenders.
Thanks to love, every challenge and every boundary of rationality can be overcome. Only by experiencing this feeling can we be ourselves, even if fragile.

Night in the Sky is a journey, the search for our origin, the search for ourselves, amazed by the wonder of the infinite. Fearful, full of uncertainty and hope, a dialogue between us and the immense and dark universe, almost wanting to touch it, without ever being able to reach it.

Memories We live with memories, emotions that resurface in our mind and remain unforgettable for a lifetime.
In our present, the past revives. Our memory tells us about what we have been and what we will be.
Memories allows us to relive the immortality of our thoughts, the most important and kept in our heart.

EARTH Human beings were conceived and created following a wonderful plan.
The essence of our existence on planet earth becomes a narrating journey: an endless story, told through things that find their order and balance in the universe.
Even if fragile and delicate, the achieved stability must be protected, kept and handed down to posterity.
This is the only way we will be able to make the balance of our life unique, precious and eternal.


“The Room” tells the story of a place where dreams come to life and have the chance to become a reality. It is a secret shrine where we can meet our true self, where passion intertwines with love, sadness with happiness. Here, fear and insecurity turn into strength and self-awareness. It is a room to which only WE have access, as we are the custodians of this wonderful universe.


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