Surrender yourself to the joy of the music,
it is a wonderful feeling.
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Foto profilo Joseph Lu

After finishing my piano studies in 2006, I disappeared from the world of music for 16 years.
For some reason, something changes in my life, so I sell everything related to the piano and the music.
But I am convinced that she has never left me.

At the age of 46, I discover that I still have a piano keyboard hidden in a drawer.
The gentle touch of the piano keys was overlapped on a sweet music that I had not listened to for a long time. My dreams, thus, take shape again.

In a short time I could create what I had not composed in 16 years. The music enters me and I am ready to let the world listen to it.

I am born in 1975 in a small town of Sicily, where I still live now.
I have lived my life surrounded by the sea, music and my family. Special people to whom I owe everything because from their support I take inspiration to create my pieces.

Thank you for having landed on my world.

“Music is the soundtrack of your life.”
– D. Clark
My pieces make you feel good.
They give you serenity and peace.
An inner stillness that has no equal.


Templio Agrigento

My pieces draw inspiration from my homeland: Sicily.
A place that has ancient and deep roots, especially in our culture.
Sicily is a land full of myths and legends but above all of places that have inspired the birth of fascinating mythological narratives.
Events handed down for centuries and now, well impressed in us.


Now, take a breath.
It’s time to relax yourself.

Templio Agrigento
“Music is the shorthand of emotion.”
– L. Tolstoy

My special piece

To life is a hymn to life, a song whose themes are the joy and beauty of living. I wanted to tell a story, projected on a screen called earth; listening to it you will travel through your own existence, with a well-known warning: no one should ever oppress or annihilate your lives. To life is a wish for rebirth, a new spring for everyone.


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